Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Term

During winter term we'll be focusing on helping with (and planning an associated conference alongside) the 2008 Peace and Justice Studies Association annual conference (more information about the PJSA conference can be found at

In addition, we are bringing Compassionate Listening Circles to campus and other activities promoting nonviolence and peaceful relationships.

Stay tuned for dates and more events!


Frank said...

WRITE IN: Frank D'Andrea
West Multnomah Soil and Water
Conservation District
Director, At Large 1

Roger Helbig said...

Why did you bring liars like Dennis Kyne to your campus and why did you show his video "Beyond Treason" - what do you think of Nazi Germany, a real peace loving society, was it not; well if you don't think so, then you might want to look at this blog and find out the man behind "Beyond Treason", the master of ceremonies of this event and producer of "Beyond Treason" David von Kleist -

To learn more, write me -